Everyone has experienced the frustration with low quality and cheap Spinnerbait – soft wires, lost wings, low quality components and hooks, but worst of all, lose a fish.

Lav MD Spinnerbait have top quality components – stainless steel wire, very strong connection between high quality hooks and wire, quality wings with top protection, car varnish over color of metal fish, 3D eyes… And the advantage that you can design your own bait adding different components  so you can increase your success in fishing.

There are many uses for spinnerbait. It can be used as a fish finder, a deep water bait, a shallow water bait, a bait that covers a lot of area in short time, you can drop it like a worm or speed it up lika a rattle trap. All these uses allow you to make it one of the most flexible baits in your tackle box.


Art. No. Size Weight
5960113 3 13 g
5960117 4 17 g

Art. No. Size Weight
5900113 3 13 g
5900117 4 17 g
Art. No. Size Weight
5926113 3 13 g
5926117 4 17 g
Art. No. Size Weight
5946113 3 13 g
5946117 4 17 g